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Staring Mario Maurer and Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol

With the movie A Crazy Little Thing Called Love doing some crazy things in Thailand, had to investigate. So who better to sit down with then the writer/producer/director of the film Wasin Pokpong?

Wasin Pokpong has been a director his whole life; it’s seriously the only job he has ever had. It started out with a friend in the “biz” who got Wasin hooked on music video production. “But I’ve always wanted to do movies, even at a young age” Wasin adds.


A Crazy Little Thing Called Love started with a woman who Wasin met. She told a story of falling in love with an older boy in school and changing herself in order to impress the boy. Classic. Wasin immediately identified with the women. “It’s funny,” he says, “as a teenager I was more like the lead actress in the film, not the lead actor”.

Wasin wasn’t the only person to identify with the peer pressure and self-consciousness that comes with growing up in Thailand. The movie has struck a chord with audience members who have gone through similar perils of adolescent relationships. That’s one reason why this movie is doing what most Thai movies never seem to accomplish; contining to make money. “Most Thai films do great opening weekend and then slow down,” he says, “we banked over 4 million baht when it opened and the number keeps rising, very unusual for Thailand.”  There is another reason for the success. It’s about a girl named Nam who is dark-skinned and considered unattractive. With a little whitening cream and help from her friends she becomes the prettiest and smartest girl in school. Come on, anyone who lives in Thailand knows that this story is going to kill at the box office. Cha-ching.

The movie is typical Thailand but the real story here is Pimchanok; she nails the role. The movie spans about 10 years and she is the only one who looks different throughout, physically and emotionally. Not to mention she steals the final scene with an Oscar worthy performance, which includes crying and falling into a swimming pool (almost simultaneously). Amazing. “She should win it,” Wasin says, meaning the Thai Oscar. And judging by what she will be up against, she probably will.

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

At the cinemas in English it will be written as Sing Lek Lek
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